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RDM Responder Testing


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As part of the Open Lighting Project we've developed a suite of tests for RDM responders. This enables manufacturers to check how well a RDM device conforms to the E1.20 specification. The tests cases are written in Python, and use the Open Lighting Architecture to communicate with devices.

Have a question? Check the Responder Testing FAQ or ask on the RDM Test Group.

Supported Devices

The following RDM Controller devices are supported:

Please note due to limitations of ArtNet, the RDM tests cannot be run with ArtNet RDM. You need a physical DMX/RDM interface.

Downloading & Installing the Test Software

The tests are built on top of, and are included with, the Open Lighting Architecture which runs on Mac OS, Linux and FreeBSD. If you're a Windows user, or want to get up and running quickly, the easiest way is to use the Raspberry Pi. It's a $35 embedded computer and you can run all the tests through a web browser without ever having to log in.

Raspberry Pi Instructions

Follow the Responder Testing with the Raspberry Pi instructions.

Mac, Linux or FreeBSD Instructions

If you want to run the tests from your own computer:

  1. Follow the OLA Installation Instructions. If you're installing from source you need to add --enable-rdm-tests when running ./configure . If you use Debian or Ubuntu packages make sure you install the ola-rdm-tests package. The tests are quite stable at this point, so unless you have a reason to use the Git version I'd stick to using the monthly releases.
  2. Perform the RDM Test Setup Procedure.

Running the Tests

The tests can be run from either the command line or a web browser. If you're new to using the command line we suggest you use the Web UI. It can do everything the command line tests can do.

Interpreting the Output

See the Guide to Interpreting Test Output. If you decide you want to add some additional tests read the Guide to Writing Responder Tests.

Test Coverage

As of 7th July 2012 the following PIDs in E1.20 aren't tested: