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Goddard Design's DMXter has long been the standard DMX tester for DMX512. The MiniDMXter is a compact DMX tester. The MiniDMXter offers the essential features of the Lil'DMXter at a fraction of the weight, a quarter the size, and less than half the price. The MiniDMXter is being replaced by its successor, the MiniDMXter4.

Now the V2.00 software adds three new test routines and updates the user interface to mimic recent DMXter software releases. The V2.00 update will continue to be available after the MiniDMXter is phased out, to accommodate earlier customers.

MiniDMXter GENERATES a DMX512 control signal. It allows you to bring up any one or up to 64 dimmers at one time to any level. It also lets you bump through a system one dimmer at a time, to check lamps, patches and dimmers.

MiniDMXter RECEIVES a DMX512 signal. It allows you to examine a controller's output ,displaying three Slots at one time.

MiniDMXter CHECKS DMX512 cables. It tests cables for both DC continuity and with actual data. Pins four and five may also be tested with DC.

MiniDMXter supports the COLORTRAN Protocol. There is no need for a separate test unit.

V2.00 software adds a 24 Slot bar graph mode for quickly viewing the relative levels of multiple Slots.

V2.00 software sends and receives DMX512-A text packets.

V2.00 software adds three new short cut key combinations to most routines