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The Open Lighting Project has moved!

We've launched our new site at This wiki will remain and be updated with more technical information.

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     <h2 style="float:left; font-size:120%; padding: .2em; margin:3px; font-weight:bold;">Project Supporters</h2>
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Many individuals & organizations have supported the project over the years. We're grateful to all of them.
* [ Anyma], provided a [[Anyma_uDMX|uDMX]]
* [[Artistic Licence]], provided a [[Net-Lynx]] & Down-Lynx for Art-Net / RDM testing and a [[Rail-Tran]] to test [[RDM]] support
* Andrew Frazer, who sponsored the development of ola_trigger with a [[RDM USB Pro]]
* [ Creative Lighting], provided a [[SLAMMO XC-1]] & [[ADDICT]] for [[RDM]] testing.
* [[Enttec]], provided a [[DMX USB Pro]]
* Eric Johnson, for hosting the server used to test & debug much of the RDM code.
* Florian from who donated a [[StageProfi]] and a [[USBDMX2]]
* [ Goddard Design], who made available a  [[MiniDMXter]]
* Jason Kyle from [] provided a [[DMXking USB DMX512-A]]
* [[JESE]], provided a [[DMX-TRI]] &  [[RDM-TRI]] & Tempest Enclosure to test the RDM implementation.  
* [ LjusDesign AB] who donated 7 RDM splitters.
* [ LumenRadio] who provided a Nova TX2 RDM, Nova RX RDM and Nova FX units and a Raspberry Pi.
* [ Martin Professional A/S] which loaned a Mac 700 for RDM testing
* [ Milford Instruments] who sent 3 RDMChips for testing.
* Peter Kirkup, from [ Zero 88] who donated a Betapack 3
* Petr from [[ROBE Lighting]] who loaned a [[Robe Universal Interface]] and [ Robin 600]
* [ Sandsys], donated a [ SandBox]
* Shaun Jackman, answered questions about the [[:Category:Pathport|Pathport]] Protocol
* [ SoundLight] who loaned a 3604PWM-H device
* [ West Australian Academy of Performing Arts] (WAAPA) for access to a [[Strand Lighting]] console.

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The Open Lighting Project is a multi-faceted effort aimed at accelerating the adoption of new, standardized control protocols, while also providing high quality, reliable, open software for the lighting industry. This site acts as a resource for anyone looking for information about DMX software and the associated control systems, as well as a variety of Open Source and free lighting software.


The Open Lighting Architecture

The Open Lighting Architecture provides a framework for distributing lighting control information. It supports many protocols such as E1.31 (sACN), ArtNet, ShowNet, Pathport, RDM and over a dozen USB devices. It can run as a standalone service, which is useful for converting signals between protocols, or alternatively it can be used as the backend for Controller Applications. OLA runs on many different platforms including ARM, which makes it a perfect fit for low cost Ethernet to DMX gateways.


RDM Responder Tests

Testing RDM Responder used to involve manually sending commands and verifying the responses. Not any longer! The RDM Responder Tests automate all of this and provide a detailed breakdown of how well a responder complies with the E1.20 (RDM) standard. This saves time during the product development process and raises the quality of RDM implementations across the industry.

For questions about the RDM Responder tests, email the RDM Testing List.


OLA on the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular platforms for running OLA. With the addition of a USB to DMX device, one can build a low cost, but fully functional Ethernet gateway. The OLA on Raspberry Pi tutorial has a step by step guide to installing OLA on the Pi.


The site contains an index of RDM-enabled products as well as the specifications for many of the manufacturer specific PIDs. The site has recently been expanded to display the results of the RDM Responder Tests. The data on the site is available free of charge through APIs.


Contact / Support

Since this is an Open Source project, there is no commercial support for our products at this time. There are a number of ways of reaching the community though:

There is also an Open Lighting Community on Google+. This is less OLA centric and more about sharing cool lighting projects people are working on. We also have a cafepress store where you can buy OLA t-shirts, stickers, and a few other random things. Visit Open Lighting at Cafepress! Prices may change in the future.

Other Projects

  • libartnet. The library that started it all, libartnet is an ArtNet implementation for Mac, Linux, Windows & iPhone.
  • Logic RDM Sniffer - Use a Saleae Logic device as a RDM analyzer.
  • Arduino RGB Mixer, open source firmware for Arduinos, so that they can be used as a simple RGB Color Mixer. Now with RDM support!
  • DMX Trigger, this can execute command line programs based on DMX values. It's useful for building DMX controlled media players.
  • E1.33 SLP SA Tests, similar to the RDM Responder Tests, this performs tests against a RDMNet Device's SLP implementation.
  • OLA LED Pixels, drive pixel strings using OLA

Project Supporters

Moved to the site.

Get Involved

There is plenty of opportunity to get involved. If you would like to help with any of the following (or have your own ideas) then please get in touch with us on the Open Lighting Group

  • Technical Writers, the documentation could do with some cleanup.
  • Packagers, we need people to build binary packages for Mac, Debian/Ubuntu and RPM-based distros
  • Windows programmers, are you interested in helping port OLA to Windows?
  • Java programmers, we need someone to write the Java client API [1]
  • Equipment donation, do you own or know of a USB interface or RDM device we don't support yet? Consider lending it to us.
  • Web designers, the web UI could do with a facelift.