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The Open Lighting Project has moved!

We've launched our new site at This wiki will remain and be updated with more technical information.


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Welcome to This site aims to be a resource for those involved in the lighting industry looking for low cost and DIY DMX solutions.

Tutorial for LLA and Q Light Controller on Ubuntu

A new tutorial has been added that walks through installing LLA and QLC on Ubuntu, allowing the OpenDMX USB and other supported controllers to be used with a 2.6 kernel linux. LLA and Q Light Controller Ubuntu Tutorial

Enttec Releases RDM USB Pro

Enttec has released the RDM USB Pro which supports their RDM sniffing application.

Out of Spec DMX Equipment List

Listing of DMX equipment that does not conform to the ESTA specification NonConformDMX

Site Changes

With the new year we've changed to a new format. After realizing that I was never going to complete the CMS that I wanted, we've ended up going with a wiki. All the previous content has been moved over, but user accounts were deleted (you'll need to signup to upload pictures). Hopefully this will allow more people to add content.

LLA Live 0.2.0 Released

LLA Live 0.2.0 has been released with new features including a web-based lighting console, Sandnet support and the ability to use the Enttec Open DMX USB devices.

As always no install is required, simply boot from the CD and you have a multi-protocol DMX gateway.

This new release can be downloaded from Sourceforge or the LLA page

ACN Specification now available

The final step in the ACN specification process has been completed and the full document is available now from ESTA. Priced at $40 US, it's available as either a PDF download or on CDROM.


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