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TJShow is a show controller for controlling interactive shows, using industry standards such as DMX512 and MIDI. It is very scalable, as it supports multi-processor systems and networks, thereby distributing the load (and less vulnerable for crashes and failures). It supports audio/video playback (through DirectShow, so virtually any format is supported) with advanced 3D-features for projection and has a built-in scripting engine. It supports remote displays and control panels, even through a web client. With the intuitive, timeline-based user interface, it is easy to create complex shows in no-time. With advanced cue'ing possibilities, it is easy to control the flow of your show.

TJShow has built-in support for Ent-tec's DMX USB Pro and DMXking_USB_DMX512-A. Support for other devices is easy to add. The program is completely extendable through plug-ins. It also supports all MIDI-devices. Mappings for MIDI-devices can be written in TJShow's scripting language, so there are virtually endless possibilities. It has already been tested with the (relatively very cheap!) BCD2000 deejay/MIDI controller by Behringer and should work without any problems with other devices, as long as they are supported by Windows.

TJShow is developed by TJShow.


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