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Q Light Controller (QLC)


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QLC is a lighting controller for Linux. Started as a university project by Heikki Junnila, it has now evolved with an active development community. The latest version adds support for external fader devices such as the Behringer BCF-2000. In 2009 it was released for Mac Os and Windows also.

DMX output is provided using:

  • the driver system LLA (via a plugin to QLC), allowing DMX ouput using various DMX over IP protocols and Enttec DMX USB Pro. (for Linux and Mac OS, not yet ported to windows)
  • the Peperoni USBDMX21 interface, plugin named usbdmx (Linux and Windows)
  • the Enttec Open DMX USB (or other hardware with just a FTDI chip), plugin name is FTDI DMX (Mac OS, Windows and Linux, perhaps not widely tested by June 2009)
  • the DMX 4 Linux library (Linux Only)

At the moment there are most drivers for Linux and fewest for Windows. In v. 3.0 the plugin for LLA is not included/enabled per default

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