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* [[:Category:Sandnet|Sandnet]]
* [[:Category:Sandnet|Sandnet]]
* [[DMX USB Pro]]
* [[DMX USB Pro]]
* [[Open DMX USB]] (through the [ Linux kernel module from Erwin Rol])
* [[Open DMX USB]] (through the [ Linux kernel module from Erwin Rol], as detailed in [[LLA, OpenDMX USB and Q Light Controller Tutorial]])

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LLA Live is a stand-alone bootable cd containing software from the Linux Lighting Architecture project.

LLA allows DMX sent using various DMX over IP protocols to be converted from one format to another. This enables devices from different manufacturers to talk to each another (for example a Strand Console can send DMX to an Enttec EtherGate).

When combined with a physical DMX interface such as the DMX USB Pro, LLA Live can send and receive data from traditional wired DMX networks.

Supported Devices/Protocols:

Under development:


Sources (via git)

Debian Packages:


Live CD (iso):


There is a project underway to build packages for OpenWrt. See for more details.

See Also: