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Open Lighting Allocations


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RDM Model Numbers

For the live list in use, see here.

Number Assigned To
0x0001 Dummy Device
0x0002 Arduino RGB Mixer
0x0003 SPI Device
0x0004 Dummy Dimmer
0x0005 Dummy Moving Light
0x0006 Dummy Ack Timer
0x0007 Dummy Sensor Responder
0x0008 Dummy E1.37-1 Dimmer
0x0009 Dummy E1.37-2 Network Responder
0x0100 Ja Rule LED Model
0x0101 Ja Rule Proxy
0x0102 Ja Rule Moving Light
0x0103 Ja Rule Sensor Only
0x0104 Ja Rule Network
0x0105 Ja Rule Dimmer
0x0106 Ja Rule Proxy Child Device


The Open Lighting code is [1]

UID Range Assigned To
7a70:00000001 Arduino RGB Mixer default UID
7a70:00000100 - 7a70:000001ff SPI Devices
7a70:10000000 - 7a70:1fffffff Microchip devices 00:1E:C0 OID (Ja Rule)
7a70:20000000 - 7a70:2fffffff Microchip devices D8:80:39 OID (Ja Rule)
7a70:30000000 - 7a70:3fffffff Reserved for Microchip devices 00:04:A3 OID (Ja Rule)
7a70:fffffe00 - 7a70:fffffe0f Ja Rule non-MAC Development UIDs
7a70:fffffe10 - 7a70:fffffefe Development
7a70:ffffff00 - 7a70:fffffffe Dummy Devices

Status Message Ids

Status Message ID Value Data Value 1 Data Value 2 Status ID Description

Status Message ID Value Data Value 1 Data Value2 Status ID Description
STS_OLP_TESTING 0x8000 Cycle counter major Cycle counter minor Counter cycle %d.%d
STS_OLP_SELFTEST_PASSED 0x8001 Self Test ID N/A Self test %d ok
STS_OLP_SELFTEST_FAILED 0x8002 Self Test ID N/A Self test %d failed

Manufacturer Specific PIDs

This page documents RDM PIDs used by the Open Lighting project.

For the live list in use, visit the RDM Parameter Index.


This sets the serial number of the device. The serial number is combined with the ESTA ID to create the UID.


This just returns the current version of the OLA code that's running. It's a manufacturer specific PID used by the dummy responder, so that it provides a manufacturer specific PID for testing purposes.


GETs / SETs the device model.


GET a list of device models that can be used




GET / SET the pixel type


GET / SET the pixel count