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* [[DmxEtherGate MKII]]
* [[DmxEtherGate MKII]]
* [[Ethernet DMX8]]
* [[Ethernet DMX8]]
* [[Pathport C Series]]
* [[Pathport C Series]],[[Pathport D Series]],[[Pathport R Series]]
[[Category:Video / Visualisation]]
[[Category:Video / Visualisation]]

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Madrix gui.jpg

MADRIX is an easy to use and user friendly Windows® led lighting control software.

In the opposite to a plain content player this software creates the effects in realtime, which have some advantages like manipulation of effects while lifetime and the automatic scaling from effects to different matrix sizes on different applications.
MADRIX supports a lot of DMX512 and ArtNet(II) interfaces and includes an installation CDROM, a software protection dongle and an english user guide. MADRIX can be remote controled by DMX, ArtNet(II), Midi and HTTP(Web Browser).
One of the famous features of MADRIX is the very high quality audio analysis which enables amazing Sound2Light and Music2Light effects which match to the mood of the music.
MADRIX also provides a script language for creating own effects.

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