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Made by: Enttec
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The Datagate is the cornerstone of any DMX network. It can be:

  • DMX Hub/Splitter
  • DMX Merger (HTP or LTP)
  • DMX -> Ethernet
  • Ethernet-> DMX
  • Or any combination of the above

The Datagate has 10 profiles, each profile reconfigures it to perform a specific task, the Datagate comes with factory profiles such as:

  • DMX Hub,
  • 4Way Isolator
  • 7 to 1 HTP Merger
  • DMX -> Ethernet
  • Ethernet -> DMX.
  • Artnet

The user can also create their own profiles to make the datagate perform how ever he/she wants.

With the flick of a switch the Datagate can become a completely different product, thus replacing many devices such as DMX hubs, mergers, or DMX/Ethernet converter boxes with one single unit.

The Datagate has 8 input or output DMX ports, and supports up to 8 DMX over ethernet universes (channels). When a DMX port is configured as an input simply plug in the gender changer into the required port. Port 8 has both connectors male and female.