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The New Standard DMX Tester

The DMXter4 RDM(tm) is Goddard Design Co.’s successor to its Lil’DMXter(tm) tester. If you use DMX512, and you think you might someday use RDM, you need the DMXter4 RDM.The unit sends, receives and analyzes DMX512 signals.

The DMXter4 RDM shows you slot levels- lets you use percent, decimal or hexadecimal format - measures transmit and receive parameters - tests DMX cables (both loose and installed) - provides Flicker Finder (tm), our proprietary approach to verifying system stability - gives you Multichannel Mode for testing multichannel devices like moving lights - contains the software to sync up to an oscilloscope. With the ShowPlayer(tm) option, use the DMXter4 RDM as a backup console, with automatic switchover on data failure.

The DMXter4 RDM adds test routines for handling RDM (software under development for 1Q 2009 release). The software for release in 1Q 2009 includes the ability to intercept and modify particular slots from a DMX data stream sent by a console, allowing the user to change just those channels, while passing on the live console data. Software updates easily accomplished using the front panel USB connector.

Free software updates for 1 year after purchase.

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