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OLA Thread Scheduling


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Since 0.9.4, OLA provides options to control the thread scheduling algorithms, when supported by the host kernel.

Besides the default scheduling policy (SCHED_OTHER), OLA supports SCHED_RR and SCHED_FIFO. You can read about the differences on The Linux Journal.


If you're on Linux you need to edit /etc/security/limits.conf and add:

<username>            hard    rtprio   99
<username>            soft    rtprio   50

Replace <username> with the user you run olad as.

Running OLA

Start olad with --scheduler-policy and --scheduler-priority. You must provide both flags.

$ olad --scheduler-policy fifo --scheduler-priority 10

The --scheduler-priority flag must be a value less than or equal to the soft rtprio limit set in /etc/security/limits.conf.


The test setup was as follows:

  • Intel i5-3450, running Debian Wheezy, set to send ArtNet traffic on universe 1
  • Raspberry Pi, configured to receive ArtNet traffic and convert to sACN traffic on universe 1.
  • Both hosts connect to a netgear 5 port switch. The Pi was connected at 100Mbps, the Debian host at 1Gbps.

On the Debian host, the traffic was generated with:

$  i=0; while :; do echo "$i"; i=$((i+1)); if [ $i == 256 ] ; then i=0; fi ; sleep 0.025; done | ola_streaming_client  -u 1

And the packets captured with:

tcpdump  -n '(port 5568 or port 6454)  and (dst host or dst host' -c 10000 -s0 -w /tmp/savefile-fifo

On the Pi, the control was with no scheduling options. Then the fifo scheduler was enabled with

$ olad  --scheduler-policy fifo --scheduler-priority 10

From the tcpdump, we can find the time between sending the ArtNet packet and receiving the E1.31 packet, and then plot these on a histogram:

Scheduler Mean (ms) Standard Deviation 90 percentile (ms) 99 percentile (ms) 99.9 percentile (ms) Max (ms)
Control 0.880 ms 5.64791e-02 0.920 ms 1.018 ms 1.842 ms 2.252 ms
Fifo 0.868 ms 2.819106e-02 0.909 ms 0.958 ms 1.010 ms 1.132 ms