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OLA Logo


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OLA Logo

Terms of Use

The logo for the Open Lighting Project is released under the following license.

Original version Copyright © 2010 Simon Newton
Revised version Copyright © 2012 Douglas Heriot
This logo may be used by anyone to refer to the Open Lighting Project project, but does not indicate endorsement by the project.

For all permitted uses of our logos, you may not:

  • alter our logos in any way
  • place our logos in such close proximity to other content that it is indistinguishable
  • use our logos in a way that is harmful, deceptive, obscene or otherwise objectionable to the average person
  • use our logos on websites or other places containing content associated with hate speech, gambling or illegal activities
  • use our logos to, or in connection with, content that disparages us or sullies our reputation

Please link to if you use the logo on a web page.

Graphical usage guidelines

The logo is in sharp contrast with the background. The normal appearance is black on white. When the logo must be used on dark background it is inverted to white on black instead of the normal black on white.

Creative Kit contains the logo in various sizes as well as the source files.

Individual Files



Standard size, black on white.


OLA Mini‎

Reduced size, black on white


Other files: