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We've launched our new site at This wiki will remain and be updated with more technical information.

GSOC Challenge


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Create a simple command line application that does the following:

  • Opens a connection to olad
  • Patches the first ArtNet input port to universe 1.
  • Starts receiving DMX data and prints the first 20 channels of DMX data to stdout.

You can use either the Python or C++ API, whichever is most relevant for your proposed project.


Push your code to github and email [email protected] . Please do not email the [email protected] list since we don't want other students copying your work!

Judging Criteria

  • Correctness (of course!)
  • Code Style (see README.developer)
  • Ease of build & use. Bonus marks if you use autoconf / automake to simplify the build.

Getting Started

See OLA Client API and/or OLA Python API.

See the examples/ or python/examples directory in the tarball for existing code.