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Cuemaster II


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Made by: Theatrelight
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Theatrelight's Cuemaster II has been designed with the capabilities and versatility to cover a wide range of lighting situations in entertainment, commercial display and education. The Cuemaster II includes Soft-patch facilities, large memory capacity and ease of use. Whatever the application, the Cuemaster II offers the operator reliability, ease of use, and most of all, the adaptability required by today's Lighting designers.


  • 288 Channel control with proportional soft-patch
  • Soft-patching of 288 channels to 1024 dimmers
  • 72 preset faders can be Channels or Scenes in blocks of 24 faders
  • Multiple Scenemaster pages, with automatic page overlay faders
  • 24 Scenemasters can also hold a Fade-Scene, a Chase or a Show
  • Independent auto-loading fade times for Fade-Scenes and Show Cues
  • Single button auto-fade auto-effects cue operation simplifies complex shows
  • Any Show cue can link up to 20 Chases or Fade-Scenes for split or stack fades
  • Chases are level sensitive, and may be of any length
  • Multiple Chase Speeds - up to 20 Independent Chase Speeds simultaneously
  • Chase Beat function for synchronizing chase speed to live music
  • External control of Chases or Auto-fade auto-effect Shows
  • Auto-sequence mode allows Shows to run automatically
  • Fast editing of levels, fade times, and chase speeds
  • Simple insertion or deletion of Chase steps or Show cues
  • Flash, Add/Kill, and latch on/off modes on both channels and scenes
  • Flash disable mode prevents accidental pressing of flash keys
  • Dynamic VGA colour display provides live monitoring of desk and on-screen Help
  • Printer for memory dump to standard IBM compatible parallel printer
  • Memory Card for back-up or library purposes
  • DMX-512 USITT 1990 International communication standard