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Building LLA for OS X


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See also: Building LLA and the main article about LLA.

Base Development Tools

Download & install Xcode from

Download & install fink from

Install Git

If you want to use the git repos, you'll need to install git. If you're just going to use tarballs you can skip this step.

Git requires expat so download & install: Download & install git:

Add the following to your .bashrc file:


Build Dependencies

 apt-get install libtool make automake autoconf wget m4 pkgconfig

edit /sw/share/aclocal/pkg.m4 and replace




Add the following to your .profile

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig

LLA Dependencies


 apt-get install template-pm586

Install XML::Simple

 sudo perl -MCPAN -e shell;
   install XML::Simple