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2Port Node on PC


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Made By: MA Lighting
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  • Rig-mounted box version for flexible use in trusses or mobile applications
  • 2Port Node onPC runs with grandMA onPC:
  • Powerful show controller for smaller applications
  • Handy backup solutions for reduced budgets
  • 512 parameters (2Port Node onPC) or 1,024 parameters (2Port Node onPC PRO)
  • DMX-in for fader wings or merging of DMX signals
  • Clever tool for flexible DMX distribution on stages and in theatres, studios or clubs
  • Integrated part of the grandMA system best essay
  • Speaks MA-Net and Art-Net (both 100 Mbit/s)
  • Stand-alone use with MA-Net and any Art-Net system
  • Runs with power over Ethernet or internal power supply
  • Remote control of backlight and LEDs
  • Easy, comfortable remote configuration incl. in/out assignment

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