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Velleman K8062


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Made by: Velleman
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  • This unit can control DMX fixtures using a PC and USB interface
  • Test software and "DMX Light Player" software is included, a DLL is provided to write your own software
  • Furthermore there is a stand-alone test function that outputs all 512 channels at a time, with adjustable levels
  • Kit includes:
    • nice enclosure
    • USB cable
    • CD with: test software, DLL for own developments, free DMX light player

This is actually a very poor interface and not recommended. See Due to the pic only processing 8 bytes of information at a time, the frame rates for a full non-0 universe of dmx data is around 1.6 per second.

There is now a much better work in development. Please see There's a daemon-like program that works as a driver. There's still more work to be done on it, and some tweaking seems necessary in places in the code, but it's well documented and has worked very well for me.

The above statement is false. If you take the code mentioned above and insert timing information it takes ~800ms to write 512 bytes of non-0 DMX data:

usec: 7988  // 8ms for 6 channels
max chan is 6

usec: 159958  // 160ms for 100 channels
max chan is 100

usec: 759857 // 760ms for 512 channels
max chan is 512

It may be possible to pipeline the data, I'll try this sometime.