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I am new to Linux and I installed Ubuntu.

My final goal is to port my Light programs to Ubuntu or other Linux systems.

I coded a driver to send dmx using OpenDmx from Enttec via the FTD2XX dll from FTDI in windowsXP.

There is a library for linux systems that can be downloaded from the FTDI site. It clones the functions from the Win32 APIs included in the windows FTD2XX dll to easy migrate programs from windows to linux (they say...)

I have installed the library as the txt file included said and with an IDE called Purebasic, that I use to create my dlls, I finaly loaded the linux library and communicate correctly with it.

The problem is that it seems I can communicate with the library but not with the interface. I get messsages of no error configuring the opendmx interface to send, Baud rate and so on but my dmx tester says "no dmx signal".

I wonder if some of you had tried this before.

Also if there is a better way to "speak" with opendmx in linux I would like to know it.

Thanks and I am sorry if this is not the correct way to ask...

Manuel Martin