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UltraDMX RDM Pro


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Made by: DMXKing
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The ultraDMX RDM Pro product is a robust single universe bi-directional isolated DMX512 interface communicating with the host computer over USB. An onboard Atmel microcontroller ensures complete timing accuracy and no flickering effects no matter what your computer is doing. Device communication using FTDI virtual COM port (VCP) or direct (D2XX) drivers allows use of any mainstream OS. RDM functionality is also available by default.

Main Features

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, Server 2008.
  • Supported operating systems: Linux, Mac OS X, OS 9, OS 8.
  • DMX512 Transmitter or Receiver.
  • 1500V isloation between USB and DMX512-A port
  • Tough metal enclosure.
  • Available with 3 pin or 5 pin XLR, no adapter purchase required.
  • No external power supply required.
  • ANSI E1.11-2008 and E1.20-2006 compliant (DMX512-A and RDM).
  • E1.11 Higher Protection Level “DMX512-A Protected” device.
  • Internal double buffered DMX512 streams resulting in zero lost frames.
  • Fully compatible with *ALL* software suitable for ENTTEC USB Pro.
  • Configuration utility (Windows platform only .NET 3.5 – contact support for other OS).
  • Firmware update utility (Windows platform only .NET 3.5 – contact support for other OS).