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Talk:Velleman K8062


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The two edits of December 22. 2009 seems unclear.

The text that mentions the Linux driver/daemon/(library) has been strike-through deleted, without reason and argument. The new text suggests that previous timing measurements (which were very bad), can be better. This is of course nice to know about.

What does it mean to "insert timing information"? Is it referring to a way to measure how long it takes to transfer data?

Which information is it exactly that is believed to be false? Only the slow update time of nonzero DMX data?

The lack of references, arguments or proofs makes it hard to guess what to expect of the interface, or what the potential speed can be given optimized software.

My opinion is that visual changes that must seem step-less needs at least 16 Hz update rate of DMX packets, which means shorter update interval than about 60 ms, or less than 40 DMX values (relative to 512 data values in 0.8 seconds). So, even with the numbers written here 2009/12/22, which are twice a fast as the values found in the Velleman discussion forum, 800 ms are still very slow.

An article with a conflicting text, where it is hard to see who wrote what, just brings confusion. So don't write article text as a personal argument when a discussion can take place at this discussion page. --Beier 17:59, 3 January 2010 (UTC)