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RDM with OLA


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RDM devices can be configured through the web interface (only partially complete) or from the command line.

Device Discovery

The ola_rdm_discovery tool displays the UIDs found for each universe.

$ ola_rdm_discover  -u 1

Passing the -f options will force the discovery algorithm to be for the particular universe. This won't produce any output unless and error occurs.

$ ola_rdm_discover  -u 1 -f

Device Configuration

The ola_rdm_get and ola_rdm_get commands allow attributes of the devices to be controlled. The first thing to do is to view a list of all known attributes:

$ ola_rdm_get  --list_pids

To fetch the value of a PID from a device use:

$ ola_rdm_get  --universe 1 --uid 414c:010014b3 device_info

Changing the value works in a similar way:

$ ola_rdm_set  --universe 1 --uid 414c:010014b3 comms_status  # clear the communication counters

The full list of options can be found by running with --help:

  -d, --sub_device <device> target a particular sub device (default is 0)
  -h, --help                               display this help message and exit.
  -l, --list_pids                         display a list of pids
  -u, --universe <universe>  universe number.
  --uid <uid>                            the UID of the device to control.

Useful Tricks

If you're using bash, it's worthwhile to set up tab completion of PIDs:

$ complete -W "$(ola_rdm_get -l | xargs)" ola_rdm_get
$ complete -W "$(ola_rdm_get -l | xargs)" ola_rdm_set