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RDM Sniffer Board


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Here is a typical RDM Sniffer board that is available to purchase from SeanSill for $65 without shipping. You can contact him either through RDM Sniffer Board or through our IRC Webchat



The board uses a MicroUSB cable for power or you can supply power on the +5V, COM pins on the white MTA connector. Power is 5V at a maximum of .25 A. It also has 1000V optical isolation to keep your Saleae Logic safe from transients on the RS485 side. The transceiver that is used is the LT1785 which has +/- 60V protection on the DMX+ and DMX- pins. Meaning it won't keel over if someone manages to connect +48V to your DMX line.

The board can also work as a transmitter if you want a quick way to send DMX from a Beagle Bone/Ardunio or anything with a TTL serial port.


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