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RDM Labpack


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Rdmlabpack2 web.jpg

RDM Labpack

RDM adds management, verification and remote configuration to lighting control. It allows even low-cost responders to be remotely interrogated and configured. Integrating this capability into a lighting system requires tools. The DMXter4 RDM is already an important configuration and analysis tool for RDM systems. Having a collection of sophisticated responders on your bench or in your briefcase puts you in the RDM game. RDM Labpack does this - and it’s a lot smaller than 3 Showguns!

Goddard Design Co. is pleased to be the North American distributor for the Howard Eaton Lighting’s RDM Labpack. This clever box looks like a simple collection of 6 LED blocks. In reality, it’s a powerful tool. The Labpack has 6 discoverable RDM responders which respond to over 40 commands (PIDs). Both “GET” and “SET” commands are supported.

See our data sheet for full details.