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Plugin Config Files

Each plugin can create a config file (usually stored in ~/.lla ) to store settings. Config files are in the form:

# lines starting with a # are comments
key = value

You can find the available options by querying the plugin using lla_plugin_info:

$ lla_plugin_info 
  ID   Device Name
   0   ArtNet Plugin
   1   Dummy Plugin
   2   EspNet Plugin
   3   OpenDmx Plugin
   4   Pathport Plugin
   5   ShowNet Plugin
   6   SandNet Plugin
   7   UsbPro Plugin
   8   StageProfi Plugin
   9   Dmx4Linux Plugin

$ lla_plugin_info  -p 8
Stage Profi Plugin

This plugin creates devices with one output port.

--- Config file : lla-stageprofi.conf ---

device = /dev/ttyUSB0
device =
The device to use either as a path for the USB version or an IP address
for the LAN version. Multiple devices are supported.

In addition to the parameters defined by the plugin, there are two parameters available for all plugins, enabled and debug:

# don't load this plugin
enabled = false

# turn on debug
debug = true