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OLA Gentoo


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If you do or plan to use OLA on a Gentoo-system, please vote for the mentioned bug or at least add yourself to the CC-list. This ways, the Gentoo-devs see how much interest there is in a package and it might get added to the official portage tree faster. Thanks.

Use the ebuilds from Gentoo's Bugzilla

  • Make sure you have a local portage overlay:
  • Download the ebuild(s) from Bugzilla: and save them in /usr/local/portage/app-misc/ola/
  • Follow the overlay-guide to digest the ebuilds (fetches the sources and creates the Manifest-file)
  • If you want to use the live-ebuild (ola-9999) you will need to keyword the ebuild (**)
  • If you use Gentoo stable (amd64, arm or x86), you will need to keyword the ebuild (~amd64, ~arm or ~x86)
  • Emerge ola

Use Peter Stuge's overlay

As he has written on OLA's mailing list!topic/open-lighting/UI3x8cD1o1Y:

USE=git emerge layman && layman -a stuge && emerge ola 

Here are some more detailed instructions:

  • add 'app-portage/layman git' to /etc/portage/package.use if not exists
  • emerge layman
  • add 'source "/var/lib/layman/make.conf"' to /etc/make.conf after any lines which set PORTDIR_OVERLAY (last line of make.conf is fine)
  • layman -a stuge
  • add keywords to /etc/portage/package.keywords as neccessary for your ~arch or for the live ebuild
  • emerge ola