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==Help Wanted==
#REDIRECT [[Open Lighting Project#OLA_Supporters]]
Can you help with any of the following? Please get in touch with us on the [ Open Lighting Group]
* Technical Writers, the [[OLA]] documentation could do with some cleanup.
* Packagers, we need people to build binary packages for Mac, Debian/Ubuntu and RPM-based distros
* Windows programmers, are you interested in helping [[Building_OLA_for_Windows| port OLA to Windows]]? 
* Java programmers, we need someone to write the Java client API [ ]
* Equipment donation, do you own or know of a [[:Category:USB | USB interface]] or RDM device we don't support yet? Consider lending it to us.
* Web designers, the web UI could do with a facelift.
* Monetary donations, cash helps buy more equipment to test with, you'll get your name listed and a warm fuzzy feeling inside :)
==OLA Supporters==
Many thanks to the following people / organisations that have supported OLA:
* [ Anyma], provided a [[Anyma_uDMX|uDMX]]
* [[Artistic Licence]], provided a [[Net-Lynx]] for Art-Net testing and a [[Rail-Tran]] to test [[RDM]] support
* [[Enttec]], provided a [[DMX USB Pro]]
* Florian from who donated a [[StageProfi]] and a [[USBDMX2]]
* Jason Kyle from [] provided a [[DMXking USB DMX512-A]]
* [[JESE]], provided a [[RDM-TRI]] to test the RDM implementation.
* Shaun Jackman, answered questions about the [[:Category:Pathport|Pathport]] Protocol
* [ West Australian Academy of Performing Arts] (WAAPA) for access to a [[Strand Lighting]] console.
* Bastien Andrès, contributed to the dmx4linux plugin
* Heikki Junnila, bug fixes for the debian packaging files

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