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(Added OpenDMX USB and clones)
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Open DMX USB (and clones, but not "DMX USB Pro"): As the host PC is responsible for the correct DMX timing and the USB interface is used, the timing for "Break" and "Mark after Break" is way out of the specification.
Break has a length of ca. 3ms (should be 176-352µs), Mark after Break has a length of ca. 2ms where it should have 12-88µs.

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Feel free to add DMX equipment that does not conform to the ESTA DMX Spec.

Eurolite Eurolite ts-5: needs pause between DMX channels to work properly, standard says no pause is needed. When using with Enttec PRO and MagicQ, only movements (pan and tilt, two first channels of device) work, shutter and dimmer can't be controlled

Comment: If you use 6 channels to control the ts-5, it works a little better, but it's still not perfect. channel 4 and 5 must be coupled(have the same value) and the new 6th channel does the dimmer. But there are still some uncontrolled movements of the gobo and colour wheel, except they have the same value(ch. 3,4&5);


Martin RoboScan Pro400: operates with a non-zero startcode.