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ELC Node 8


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Made by: ELC Lighting
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It features 2x fixed DMX inputs & 8x DMX inputs/outputs ports , fully compatible with our new free dmXLAN software with advanced DMX channel merging & patching.


  • 10/100 mBit Ethernet connection on Neutrik Ethercon
  • 8x BiDirectional DMX ports on Female XLR5-pin. Can be used for DMX output, DMX input or DMX output with RDM
  • 2x DMX input ports on Male XLR5-pin
  • MIDI In/Out
  • RS232
  • 4x Contact closure Input

Features together with our dmXLAN software with advanced DMX channel merging & patching

  • Remote programming and monitoring
  • DMX input options like Normal and Backup
  • DMX output options like:
    • Normal
    • Merging in HTP / LTP or custom
    • Priority merging
    • Merging with softpatch
  • Remote takeover of fixture parameters
  • Visualizer input supports softwares like WYSIWYG / ESP Vision / Capture / and many others