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Made by: American DJ
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  • ABS plastic mold body with matted black finish
  • Professional DMX512 & MIDI tester
  • Analog/ Digital cable test
  • DMX packet, including data format, data timing and data level (volt), can be tested
  • Receiving DMX data, i.e. RX, can be displayed in Barchart, Value or Min/Max mode
  • Transmitting DMX data, i.e. TX, has four options: 512 channel, Single channel, Cue/Memory and Run Cues(Scenes)
  • RX data can be saved a cue, whereas the cue can serve as TX data
  • Up to 15 cues can be saved and replayed, and as be cleared
  • Start code TX (0-255), Hold/ Normal RX display, DMX polarity under control
  • Fixture library is editable, with a maximum of 10 fixtures, up to 36 channels per fixture
  • Up to 10 fixtures can be tested with selectable starting address
  • User-friendly operating and help information
  • Text version Supports English, Spanish, German, French and Italian
  • 4x20 characters LCD backlit display with adjustable contrast
  • Dial wheel for access of menus and data entry
  • 3-pin & 5-pin XLR Neutrix male & female socket
  • Power Requirement: DC 9 V, 500mA(powered by built-in, rechargeable battery, adaptor included)
  • Dimensions: 7.9" x 6.3" x 2.17"
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs.