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DmXLAN Node 1


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Made by: ELC Lighting
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dmXLAN Node 1 is an Ethernet node allowing the conversion from ArtNet to one DMX universe or visa versa. For fixed installations, like theathers or conference centers etc., the cabinet will be mounted on the wall, with the display in front and the DMX connector pointing to the bottom. This will avoid the connectors and cables to be on the way of foots or flight cases, trolley, etc. The Ethernet is connected internally through hardwire connection. In the truss mount version, an ETHERCON connector from Neutrik is placed beside the DMX socket. The cabinet is fitted with a build in M10 nut on the bottom for a truss clamp and a hole is provided for the safety hook. In both case, the XLR5pin connector can be set up as a DMX input or output. Node 1 is powered thru the Ethernet cable, as specified by the IEEE 802.3 standard.