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Made by: SOH Sound & Lights
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It seems that this interface consists of a USB-to-serial converter from FTDI-chip and a level converter,much like the Enttec Open DMX USB. That means it can either receive or transmit, that the timings of delay between frames and packets depends on the software and computer's performance. And there is no optical isolation.

On the good side, the list of software that support it is large, and it is relatively cheap compared to other DMX adapters with USB interface for both data and power.

A note by SOH Sound & Lights:

Interface DMX PIPE uses newer integrated circuit for communication with USB than Enttec Open USB DMX, but it is from the same manufacturer FTDI (Future Technology Device International Ltd.). 100% compatibility is ensured, because drivers are the same for both converters. All programs that support Enttec Open DMX USB will automatically work with DMX PIPE or USB-DMX512 Module. What is more, the converters DMX PIPE and USB-DMX512 Module [1] allow using of licensed and patented version of DMX Music Visualization. Also along with the converters software like DMX512 PC Control, DMX Light Control [2] (for Windows CE, Smartphone and ARM4), LCD/DLP Effects Projector [3] and others is being developed.