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DMX Manager Plus


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Made by: Pathway Connectivity
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DMX Manager Plus! can combine 2 or 3 DMX input universes into one output universe or re-map the DMX channels between 2 inputs and 2 outputs with a unique channel mapping feature. Pathport Protocol compatability allows you to use the DMX Manager Plus! as a 4-port DMX over Ethernet gateway in your Pathport network. DMX Manager Plus! supports RDM and is ACN ready. Features

  • Four ports, individually configurable as inputs or outputs
  • DMX universe routing
  • DMX channel softpatch
  • Automatic port priority switching
  • Multiple units can be linked together for additional capability
  • Pathport protocol support
  • Intuitive LCD display and context sensitive pushbuttons for configuration
  • Optional network connection
  • Both male and female XLR connectors for each port
  • 2500V signal opto isolation
  • 250V DMX fault protection