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DMX 4 Linux


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DMX 4 Linux has been the de-facto library for communicating with DMX devices under Linux. Supporting over 14 DMX interfaces including PCI, USB and parallel port models, the DMX 4 Linux architecture is easily extensible.

Alternatives include the driver framework [[LLA] (with many DMX over IP protocols) and the controller app QLC that directly supports Enttec Open DMX USB Anyma uDMX , and with a special kernel module the Rodin1.

DMX 4 Linux 2.6 Release Development snapshots for 2.6 kernels from the dmx4linux developers are here

Bastien Andres has made an unofficial release of DMX 4 Linux for the 2.6 series of kernels. A number of drivers have been modified to compile cleanly on 2.6 and the build system has also been cleaned.

Some drivers do not compile or are incomplete, see the STATUS_BA file in the archive for more details. Sources available here

The latest official release is 2.6.1 from April 2008 [1].