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The Open Lighting Project has moved!

We've launched our new site at This wiki will remain and be updated with more technical information.

Building a Custom Raspbian Image


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This page lists the differences between the default Raspbian wheezy image and the one from the [[Open Lighting Project]. If you create your own install from scratch you probably want to do most of these changes as well.

  • Password for the pi account changed to 'openlighting'
  • Rootfs expanded to 4GB using `sudo raspi-config`
  • Simon's key installed into /home/pi/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • Timezone set to US/Pacific
  • Added the Open Lighting Debian Repo to /etc/apt/sources.lists : deb wheezy main
  • Packages installed:
screen vim 
  • Packages removed:


  • Many unused packages have been removed (samba, X, mysql, nfs etc.)
  • OLA dependancies have been installed (microhttpd, libusb, etc.)
  • The OLA git repo has been cloned into /home/ola/ola
  • Root ssh access has been disabled
  • The ola account was added and added to the dialout & plugdev groups
  • /etc/rc.local has been modified to regenerate the ssh keys on the first boot
  • Various other accounts have been removed (pnd, tli, buildbot etc.).
  • /etc/udev/rules.d/10-local.rules was updated according to OLA_Device_Specific_Configuration