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Building OLA


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Sometimes you'll need to build LLA from the sources rather than using the pre-built .deb. For example on non-debian systems or if you want to use the LLA-Dmx4Linux plugin.

Installed Dependencies

If you're building from the git version you'll need the perl Template module installed. Run the following:

perl -e "use Template"

If you get an error you'll need to download and install (or apt-get install libtemplate-perl)

Download & Extract

Either download the latest archive or grab the sources via git:

tar -zxf lla-


git clone


If you downloaded an archive you can skip the reconf step, otherwise run reconf which will also auto-generate parts of the code:

Generating source files...
Done lla-UsbPro
Done lla-ArtNet
Running autotools
+ aclocal -I config
+ autoconf
+ autoheader
+ automake -a
+ exit

Then run ./configure and check which plugins will be built:

checking for artnet_new in -lartnet... yes
checking for DMXdev in -ldmx4linux... no
checking for espnet_new in -lespnet... yes
checking for shownet_new in -lshownet... no
checking for sandnet_new in -lsandnet... yes
checking for pathport_new in -lpathport... yes

In this case we're not going to build the shownet and dmx4linux plugins as we don't have the necessary libraries installed.

Finally run make:



(become root)

make install


Check that llad runs:

llad -d 3 -f -s