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Anyma uDMX


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Anyma uDMX comes with a open firmware, which is rare. The USB communication is handled by the firmware instead of a separate chip. This must be very cheap to build!


  • From USB to DMX (one way DMX)
  • All the electronics is inside the XLR - two smd IC's: An AVR microcontroller and a RS485 driver
  • The DMX data is buffered and the transmission is timed by the microcontroller
  • USB powered
  • No galvanic isolation


  • An external object for Max/MSP (OSX)
  • A console app for Linux/OSX
  • MIDI control via a OSX app
  • There's an example how to control the console app from php scripts (seems easy)
  • Gratis firmware. The DMX part is GPL, the USB part from Objective Development is "open" but all changes belongs to them.

Anyma uDMX
Objective Development's "AVR-USB