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Fresco is a Mac OS application that will control a wide variety of video devices. It uses a WYSIWYG interface and takes full advantage of modern features like drag and drop, thumbnails, expandable tool palettes and plug-ins. Fresco uses a common interface whatever the devices you are controlling, and a Fresco show can be run on devices other than those it was programmed on. With minimal re-configuration!

Fresco is easy to learn, with a clean functional interface, but is expandable as new features are needed in new video devices. Expansion is simple, new plug-ins downloaded from this page are dropped into the Fresco plug-ins folder; Fresco now can control the new devices and if necessary, will offer new tools to access special features of the devices.

Fresco requires a USB key to run fully, but will run in an offline mode for demonstration and pre-programming purposes. Contact us when you are ready to purchase, or for a list of companies who can rent you a license for a specific event.